Mini Dresses for Fall









Guys!  Fall is really here!  I can’t believe we survived another blistering summer.  Of course, our Fall starts out pretty toasty here in Phoenix…like, it’s still gonna be high 90’s this week but waking up to cool temps feels pretty amazing!

Growing up in Michigan, Fall was always my favorite season because the leaves change and it’s gorgeous and chilly without being freezing.  We always went to an apple orchard and bought pumpkins and cider and donuts.  I can’t wait to travel somewhere cooler one of these autumns and give my kids the same experience!  So magical.

When I was browsing my Nordstrom store the other day for comfy, big-belly-friendly clothes, I found this plaid mini dress and moto leggings and just couldn’t walk away.  Moto leggings are huge right now and plaid button downs have my heart!  Plus, nothing says fall like this wine color; it’s everywhere.

Fall is a great time to start layering all your summer basics and recycling dresses over leggings and skinny jeans.  The perfect way to maximize your wardrobe!  I’ve also worn this button down open over a tank and jeans, over a longer dress, and layered and knotted at the waist.  So many fun options!

My shirtdress is only in stores but HERE are oodles of similar options!
Leggings (also come in olive and black!)
Booties (yep, my faves again!)
Earrings (I’m about to buy these in black and burgundy too!)

My First Vlog: Finding Time for Mom!

Aaaagh!  I’m so excited for my very first video post today!  It’s all about taking time for you moms to do whatever it is that YOU feel passionate about!

If you like it, I would LOVE you forever if you’d subscribe to my YouTube channel, give me a thumbs up and/or comment there or here!

I’d also love to know what sorts of motherhood, sewing or style tips you’d like to see in the future.  I can’t wait to get some fun sewing tutorials filmed!

Thanks so much, guys!!



Come On Already, Fall!



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DIY Kimono Sleeve Maxi Dress


Fact: It’s September, yet Phoenix weather is still ridiculous.

Fact: I’m pregnant and not yet cutely so.

Ergo, flowy dresses for the win!  When I realized that I couldn’t make it through the week without wearing one particular knit dress more than 3 times, I decided it was time to make something that felt like pajamas but looked just slightly more upscale.  What with all the loose 70’s top and dress trends right now, it’s a GREAT time to be chubby!


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The Case for Premium Denim


I’ve always been mildly addicted to getting the best deal (can it still be considered a mild addiction if I’ve been known to check a website obsessively for weeks on end until my favorite dress goes on sale??) but I’ve also realized that there are few items that are worth investing in.  Jeans are at the top of this list for a few very important reasons: fit, fabric and longevity.

FIT: If you’re the sort of person who can grab a pair of jeans off a rack and have them fit perfectly without trying them on, then…well, I think we probably can’t be friends anymore.  JK! But seriously, I don’t think you exist.  There are about a million different styles in almost as many brands so finding the perfect fit can almost drive a person crazy.  Premium denim is a lot more likely to fit correctly right off the rack since the nicer brands use real-life fit models (instead of just measurements or mannequins) and they cut in smaller batches, etc.

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DIY Diaper Caddy: Simplify Motherhood

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Hey mamas!  Today’s post is all about simplifying life as a busy, crazy insane mom….specifically, diaper time!  Plus a super easy sewing tutorial!  Click read more below!

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You’re Not a Good Mom…You’re a GREAT One


I’ve got a deep(ish) motherhood post for you today, because so much mom-stuff has been on my mind lately.  These posts can get really wordy though, and so I’m excited to be working on some brand spanking new videos for the blog!  I can’t wait to share more mom-musings and DIY tutorials via video because they’re just so much fun! (But also so, SO much work…yikes!).  Here’s hoping they’ll be ready soon!

Before our France trip last month, I’d found myself turning into a pretty mean mom: there was lots of yelling, impatience, frustration and I was really slow to appreciate my kids.  We all get this way sometimes, and for me as a full-time SAHM (especially one who doesn’t send her kids to school…believe me, there are days I WISH I did – haha!) it can be really difficult to pull myself out of that funk.  Summers are especially hard on us here in Phoenix cause it’s so darn HOT and everyone’s cranky and miserable and stuck inside with too much screen time; i. e. recipe for disaster.

Then Luke and I took a 10 day trip away from everyone and I came back with a fresh perspective.  Life didn’t get any easier (coming back to real life is always an adjustment, especially after a selfish vacay where you only take care of yourself!), but I noticed that my mindset had shifted, just the tiniest bit.

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DIY Full Skirt & Boxy Top


I almost forgot to share these fun and easy sewing projects with you all from a month or so ago!  I’m mildly obsessed with all the full skirts we’ve been seeing this year and last and so when I saw this Anywhere Skirt Pattern from Made Everyday, I snatched it up and decided to make one in my favorite fabric: black and white stripes!

Here’s the cool thing about this pattern – it’s not actually a pattern, as much as it is detailed instructions on how to take your own measurements and get the perfect fitting, custom skirt.  Since you’re basically just cutting a bunch of rectangles, Dana tells you exactly how to get the right size and she even shows you how to leave the gathering off the hips, for those of us not built like Barbie.  Bonus for not having to print and tape a billion pattern pages.

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Hassle-Free Jewelry

IMG_0723 (2)
As much as I love trying to dress stylishly, even when just hanging out at home with the kids, I don’t usually put much effort into my jewelry.  While I have a few decent pieces that I get a lot of use out of, they’re mostly statement pieces that are impractical to wear to Walmart with 7 kids.
IMG_0732 (2)
I’ve been looking for more simple, everyday pieces that dress up my outfit without going overboard, but I also don’t want to spend a ton of money (especially considering how hard my children try to strangle me with my necklaces).  The pieces pictured here are from Rocksbox and I’m really impressed with them!

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Upgrade Your Casual

IMG_9720 (2)

IMG_9732 (2)

Does anyone else have a hard time looking put together on those lounge-around-the-house days? Or heck, even running-mundane-errand days?  When wrangling kids, I need comfort and easy-to-wear outfits, but I also want an upgrade from yoga pants and a dirty T-shirt.  Bonus if it keeps me cool when it’s 8 billion degrees outside.

So, here are a few tips for turning a simple, comfortable outfit into something stylish – even when it’s hotter than Hades!

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