Layers and Lipstick Linkup – Fall Colors!





I’m excited and honored to be co-hosting this week’s Layers & Lipstick Linkup with The J Petite and Pucker Up Style!  I’m a huge fan of both these amazing style blogs, so check them out if you’re not already a follower.

And don’t forget to linkup your favorite Fall color looks below!

There are so many great Fall colors on trend this season…but if I had to pick one as my favorite, it’d probably be blush pink.  It’s typically such a Spring-y fresh color which is why I love it’s surprising arrival this season, especially in combination with all the other darker Fall colors.  Here I paired the same distressed jeans and baby pink tee with a few other cool weather colors, namely camel, wine and olive.  I love them all equally!

Which color combo is your favorite??

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Knit pencil skirts: a maternity essential






In past pregnancies, I basically lived in flowy knit maxi and knee length skirts.  Now that the trend is more streamlined, I find myself reaching for knit pencil skirts over and over again!

They have elastic waists, stretchy fabric and are usually long enough to give you the comfort to move and chase kids.  They’re perfect for date night, church and even just running errands when you prefer not to look homeless in yoga pants.

I love pairing this pretty fall-colored skirt with a flowy lace top.  The 70’s trends popping up everywhere are really helpful for those of us with a baby belly or tummy to camouflage!  Throw on a jacket and/or tights and tall boots to wear this ensemble all fall and winter long.

This basic color combo can also be dressed up with a fun colorful pendant, scarf, hat or printed shoes…and camel is another neutral that goes fabulously with all the autumn color trends!

Lace top – similar here, here and here
Knit pencil skirt
Jacket (love this one too!)
Heels – similar here

Mini Dresses for Fall



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Come On Already, Fall!



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The Case for Premium Denim


I’ve always been mildly addicted to getting the best deal (can it still be considered a mild addiction if I’ve been known to check a website obsessively for weeks on end until my favorite dress goes on sale??) but I’ve also realized that there are few items that are worth investing in.  Jeans are at the top of this list for a few very important reasons: fit, fabric and longevity.

FIT: If you’re the sort of person who can grab a pair of jeans off a rack and have them fit perfectly without trying them on, then…well, I think we probably can’t be friends anymore.  JK! But seriously, I don’t think you exist.  There are about a million different styles in almost as many brands so finding the perfect fit can almost drive a person crazy.  Premium denim is a lot more likely to fit correctly right off the rack since the nicer brands use real-life fit models (instead of just measurements or mannequins) and they cut in smaller batches, etc.

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Hassle-Free Jewelry

IMG_0723 (2)
As much as I love trying to dress stylishly, even when just hanging out at home with the kids, I don’t usually put much effort into my jewelry.  While I have a few decent pieces that I get a lot of use out of, they’re mostly statement pieces that are impractical to wear to Walmart with 7 kids.
IMG_0732 (2)
I’ve been looking for more simple, everyday pieces that dress up my outfit without going overboard, but I also don’t want to spend a ton of money (especially considering how hard my children try to strangle me with my necklaces).  The pieces pictured here are from Rocksbox and I’m really impressed with them!

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Upgrade Your Casual

IMG_9720 (2)

IMG_9732 (2)

Does anyone else have a hard time looking put together on those lounge-around-the-house days? Or heck, even running-mundane-errand days?  When wrangling kids, I need comfort and easy-to-wear outfits, but I also want an upgrade from yoga pants and a dirty T-shirt.  Bonus if it keeps me cool when it’s 8 billion degrees outside.

So, here are a few tips for turning a simple, comfortable outfit into something stylish – even when it’s hotter than Hades!

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Summer Maxi Dress & Giveaway!


GIVEAWAY CLOSED: Erin J. is our winner!  Thanks for entering, guys!! 🙂

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve seen me mention that our Phoenix temps have hit their highs already this year…we’ve even seen 120 degrees!  A couple readers have asked how we dress for temps this ludicrous and so today I’ve got a fun and breezy summer look to share!


When I first moved to Arizona, I shied away from pants and maxi dresses in the summer, thinking that more fabric = hotter.  Until I learned the magic of loose, flowy pants and long dresses!  When the fabric is lightweight and loose, these silhouettes are great to wear, even on the hottest of days.  They offer protection from seemingly sub-zero indoor AC temperatures, but keep you cool outdoors as well.  And the best part??  You can hike them up as high as you want in the car.


I am absolutely in LOVE with this flowy faux-wrap dress from Pink Blush, a trendy Women’s Online Boutique.  They specialize in flattering clothing for women that easily transition to maternity and nursing wear – how genius is that??  The wrap-front on this dress would be perfect for breastfeeding and is stretchy enough to wear through an entire pregnancy as well.  You know, just in case. 🙂

Plus, it’s the only wrap dress I’ve ever worn that gives enough coverage up top without an undershirt!  Cause there ain’t no way I’m wearing layers when it’s 120 out.



I also can’t get enough of these bold, tropical floral prints that are popping up everywhere.  The perfect summer floral!  Be sure to check out this dress HERE and all the other amazing dresses and cute styles they have over at Pink Blush!


*Post created in partnership with PinkBlush, all opinions are my own.

Easy Date Night Look


Does anyone else do regular date nights and look forward to them all week??  Homeschooling means that the the kids and I are all together, ALL THE TIME…which is both awesome and overwhelming sometimes.  A couple hours away with Luke doing something fun and adult-y is the BEST.

And getting dressed for date night is one of my favorite parts!  For me, a tried and true look is nicer jeans, heels or wedges and a fancy top.  It’s just dressy enough to go to a nice restaurant but casual enough to see a movie or go bowling, etc.



Black jeans are always a good choice and I’m loving this ruffled top I found on sale!  It’s a silky polyester and I’m a huge fan of any feminine take on an animal print.  Other great options for this combo would be a peplum top, lace blouse or silky button down.  Pretty much any top & shoes I’d wear to church, paired with denim instead of a skirt.  Easy!




Last of all, I almost always bring a purse too small to fit diapers – ha!  After all, I certainly can’t use a cute clutch with 7 children in tow…this white one is the perfect summer choice!

Do you have any other favorite date night outfit ideas??

Top (mine no longer available), other super cute dressy tops HERE and HERE

Black denim (or this premium denim with a great fit!)


Clutch (mine not available online, Similar and HERE)

White Jeans + Loving your body





I’m loving all the white trends popping up everywhere this summer! Dresses, flowy tops, skirts, denim, shoes…it’s all so light and airy-looking!  

Now, let’s just pretend for a second that there’s no logistical problem for mothers of small children to wear white (ha!) and instead, talk about the other issue many women have with wearing white: the fear of looking bigger.



Facts are facts: darker colors are more slimming than whites or pastels.  But take it from a girl who has been self-conscious of her thighs for about 2 decades and hear me out…

 Nobody cares but you!!  

We all deal with our own personal body image demons and that’s a topic for a whole other post (or series!), but when it comes to fashion, I choose to embrace clothes that reflect my style, make me feel amazing and fit in with my lifestyle.  Unlike the insecure teenager I once was, I no longer have the time or inclination to sit around worrying about whether or not my butt looks big in the pants I’m in.

Don’t get me wrong – there are certain styles that don’t flatter me and I stay away from those simply because they don’t make me feel as comfortable as my favorites.  But when it comes to everything else, I’m jumping in with both feet.  

So, ladies…go get yourself something white and beautiful (arm yourself with an awesome stain remover) and flaunt your stuff!




I’m loving these 3 looks with my favorite white jeans (I added the distressing) and have worn them with just about every top in my closet!  

So let’s hear it…what article of clothing could you see yourself rocking in white??