Easter & Pattern Updates!


I apologize ahead of time for the ridiculous onslaught of pictures in this post.  Prepare to be bombarded.

Here are all our Easter pics plus more shots of and details about the updated Infinite A-line Dress Pattern!  Check them out!  (Click Read More)

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Valentine’s Day Circle Dress


Apparently I just can’t get enough hearts and red and pink this year!  Before we say good-bye to Valentine’s Day for good, I had to share this fun little circle dress I made for my girls a couple years ago.  I made one for Juliet and 2 for the twins back then, and sadly this size 4 version is the only remaining dress that fits anyone.

I can’t wait for Marilyn to fit into one next year – it’s one of my favorite little girl projects ever!

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Hummingbird Play Dresses


Project Run and Play is back in swing and I’m always so amazed at the gorgeous work the contestants do!  It’s so fun being inspired by their creations.  Check them out (and vote!) HERE.

I got these gorgeous knit fabrics from Elvelyckan Design last week and I immediately fell in love with the buttery soft feel of them and the great recovery!  I mean, this is the kind of knit you legit wanna make your underthings out of.  Except then no one would see the cute prints.

These darling hummingbirds were a great excuse to bust out Hey June’s Kensington dress pattern and make matching dresses for the twinners. Aren’t those pockets an adorable addition?  It’s been so warm here (in the 70’s) that I figured my girls could already use some Spring dresses…ironically, the day we shot these pics, it was freezing again and my girls had to be bribed to take their jackets off 😉

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Teach a Child How to Match Clothes – Free Printable!


Matching fail

Kids have, how shall we say…a unique sense of fashion.  Some children seem to choose their clothes solely based on comfort or whatever’s within easy reach.  Others put a bit more thought into the process, attempting to combine as many colors and prints as humanly possible into one outfit.

While I’m all for freedom of self expression, there comes a time in a kid’s life when learning how to match their clothing becomes less of a whimsical guessing game and more of a social skill.  I generally give all my children the freedom to dress themselves, while retaining veto right on special occasions (holidays and family picture day).

I’ve been trying to slowly teach Juliet (age 6 1/2) how to match since she now attends school once a week.  It’s been a mild catastrophe.  I somehow manage to either completely confuse her or wound her pride by insulting her fashion choices.  We were both frustrated and she avoided getting dressed at all cost…until now!

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Girl’s “Poofy” Holiday Dress


aaIMG_4590Oh man, sewing for little girls is a riot for many reasons, not the least of which is their extensive and specific requests.

Spinny skirts, poofy dresses, stretchy pants, sparkly shirts…my girls know what they want!  When I showed Juliet a picture of the Violette Dress pattern from Violette Field Threads, I thought she was going to have a coronary.

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


View More: http://redpoppyphoto.pass.us/kathi-payne-extended-family

I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas jam packed with family, traditions, cozy pjs and hopefully an excited child (or 7) since they make Christmas so much more fun!  I’ve been dying to show you all our family pictures we took on Thanksgiving and now that our Christmas cards are out, here they are!  

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A Handmade Halloween


snow whiteLast year was the first Halloween that I actually put any real sewing effort into my girls’ costumes.  My reasoning was that if the costumes were good quality, and something the girls loved, then it’d be more than worth my while since they’d essentially be dress-ups for like – EVER.

Well, I was right!  Last year’s Elsa & Anna are still big hits today.  Which is a good thing because the vinyl stenciling I tried to do on Anna’s skirt was a colossal failure.  No matter!  There were more princesses on order this year and I had a great time making these!

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Inserting a Zipper in the Infinite A-line Dress

Hate buttonholes?  Try installing a zipper in the Infinite A-line dress instead!

Insert zipper Infinite A-line


Let’s face it: even veteran sewists find themselves with tasks they dread and buttonholes are often at the top of the list!  I’m much happier now that I have a machine that does automatic buttonholes, but no machine is perfect and I still find myself crossing my fingers before making them. 🙂

When I made Kira’s Dia de los Muertos dress, I knew we needed to try inserting a zipper into the Infinite A-line bodice.  If you’ve never added a zipper to a fully lined bodice, you’re in for a treat!  The finished product is so nice and pretty that you’ll wanna give yourself a pat on the back…and brag to anyone who will listen!

It’s really not as difficult as it looks and takes WAY less time than hand sewing a whole bunch of buttons and swearing your way through buttonholes.  Ready?!

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Floral Circle Dresses


Have I mentioned yet how fantastically easy and fun circle dresses are to make for little girls??  My kids are obsessed and so am I!

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Dia de los Muertos Dress



So, you might not know this but I’m basically Mexican.  No, it’s not simply because of my love of tacos, enchiladas and the cha-cha (although these things are all extremely important to me).  I actually lived in Mexico on two separate occasions, for a total of about 5 years.  The first time I was just a little kid, dressed up in my Catholic school uniform, rolling my R’s and telling my mother to please not embarrass me by speaking Spanish in front of my friends since she sounded like a “gringa”.

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