Dia de los Muertos Dress



So, you might not know this but I’m basically Mexican.  No, it’s not simply because of my love of tacos, enchiladas and the cha-cha (although these things are all extremely important to me).  I actually lived in Mexico on two separate occasions, for a total of about 5 years.  The first time I was just a little kid, dressed up in my Catholic school uniform, rolling my R’s and telling my mother to please not embarrass me by speaking Spanish in front of my friends since she sounded like a “gringa”.

The second time I was in middle school: 14, awkward in glasses and body image issues with the added frustration of having forgotten all the Spanish I learned as a 5 year old.  That was…an interesting transition and the closest I came to being a surly teenager.  But I quickly remembered my Spanish, made lots of friends and bought contact lenses, so it all ended up less traumatizing than most early teen experiences.


We celebrated Dia de los Muertos with the locals and I still think it’s pretty much the coolest holiday that Americans usually miss out on.  It’s not Halloween and it’s not about scary stuff…it’s about honoring and remembering your ancestors, those who have passed on and the legacy that they’ve left behind.  I LOVE Day of the Dead decor (plus the sweets and skull bread don’t hurt either) – it’s all bright colors and fun skeletons and beautiful images of life and death.


Plus, my Grandma on my Dad’s side was born in Mexico.  I think that even means I could get dual citizenship if I wanted to.  Maybe I’ll do that when we find that multi-million dollar mansion in Cancun we’ve been looking for…

Also, have you seen the movie The Book of Life?  It’s a darling cartoon love story that includes many of the traditional celebrations and ideas behind Dia de los Muertos.  Plus the color and graphics are awesome!!  I highly recommend it…my kids love it!


I was excited to finally use this Day of the Dead quilting cotton for Rebel & Malice’s blog tour…it’s so stinking cute that I’ve been saving it for years for just the right reason.  Kira claimed this dress before I could even finish it, although it’s actually long enough to fit Juliet as well so now she and the twins will fight over who wears it.  I guess I should be flattered they all like it…?


I used the Infinite A-line pattern, with the bodice ruffle variation.  I added a second ruffle layer plus some piping along the bodice hem.  I also installed a zipper in this one which will probably be my new favorite go-to closure on the Infinite A-line because, hello!  No buttonholes!  Yesssss.  As always, laziness for the win.  I’ll have a tutorial for adding the zipper up soon.




This kid sure lacks personality, eh??



A fun project that I managed to do in just one afternoon…while 7 little cyclones made their mark on my house.

I can’t wait to incorporate more Dia de los Muertos celebrating into our family traditions!  My kids love hearing stories about my Nana, the only relative of theirs who has died during their lifetime.  Did I mention she’s the Mexican one?  That seems about right…



  1. Wow! This dress is beautiful! That fabric placement is perfect and that print is one of my favorites.
    Super cool that you have actually lived in Mexico too. I have not. California forever! Oh, well, maybe someday.

  2. Bonnie this is so so cute! I love the oversized sleeves! My girls would be so jealous if I showed them this ha!

  3. I need to learn more about Dia de los Muertos, since I hear it’s a big deal in lots of countries. Your dress is darling, I love how vibrant and fun it is, just like your girls!

  4. And those sandals!! I want a pair for myself!!


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  2. […] I made Kira’s Dia de los Muertos dress, I knew we needed to try inserting a zipper into the Infinite A-line bodice.  If you’ve […]

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