Errand-running: Jumpsuit Style


Alright ladies – what say ye about jumpsuits??  I know these are kind of a divisive trend, you either love ’em or you hate ’em, but if you find yourself in the latter category, hear me out, haters!

There are a lot of reeeeally comfortable fashion trends out there right now (flowy tees, dresses and cardigans, jogger-style pants, leggings, etc) but jumpsuits knock all those other styles out of the PARK with their comfort level.  I am dead serious; if you wanna run errands in pj’s but fear running into a fashionable friend, wear a jumpsuit!





If the amazing comfort isn’t enough to persuade you, consider this: it’s just as easy to wear as a dress (top and bottoms in one!) only you don’t have to sit like a lady.

AND, they’re also really flattering.  If you’ve got lumps and bumps to camouflage, a blousy jumpsuit is where it’s at.  The only thing I watch out for is the potential mom-butt issue.  If this is a concern for you, look for a jumpsuit with back pockets!  I’ve seen lots of denim one-pieces with pockets everywhere.




So, what do you think?  Would you rock one?

Jumpsuit (on sale)
Similar Satchel (I like this one better than mine!)
Fedora (on sale)

*P.S.  Finn (my two-year-old) just saw these pics and told me, “That’s a WITCH hat, mom!  The witch killed Snow White.”  Hmmm, how’s that for honest fashion advice??


  1. Some of the stuff that comes out of kid’s mouths is so funny. You look great. I’m not sure I’d wear a jumpsuit though. I’d probably pee my pants trying to get it off.

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