Flattering Post-Partum Pounds & DIY: The Boxy Top and Pencil Skirt



Over the past 10 (!!!) baby-making years of my life, I’ve learned a lot about how my body changes during and after pregnancy.  I usually need some extra camouflage on top during those first few months of nursing and a loose, boxy top is a great way to do that.  On bottom, I prefer a slim silhouette so I can avoid looking heavier all over.  Knit pencil skirts for the win!


The triangle fabric for the top is this ponte I got from Girl Charlee.    Ponte is a tad heavier than most knits, sturdy and about the easiest knit to sew with, hands down.  I also made a gathered midi skirt from this same fabric because I was inspired by this matching set from Loft…


I haven’t worn the two together yet, though, because I think it just kinda makes me look big all over.  I’ll try wider skirt shapes again after losing a couple pounds 🙂

The top was made by loosely following this tutorial by Make It & Love it  (one of the awesomest blogs on the Interweb).  Dolman tops are about THE easiest thing on the planet to sew because the bodice and sleeves are all one piece!  I just skipped the waistband that Ashley did because I wanted to do the half tuck thing.  Plus ponte is less flowy so it wouldn’t have bloused as well.


As for the skirt, I’m ridiculously obsessed with this neon pink fabric.  It’s super stretchy with a fun texture and the color that defines my life.  Ha!

No, but seriously.  Neon Pink 4 Lyfe.

I found it at SAS in Tempe (if you’re an AZ local, this is one of my fave fabric stores!  There are two more in Phoenix too.)  It’s sort of one of those overstock dump places with just bins and bins of piled up fabric. It takes lots of child-free time to look through but, let’s be honest, is there any BETTER way to spend an afternoon than by yourself at a cheap fabric store??  They also sell notions for dirt cheap too.  Just bought 50 YARDS of 1″ elastic for $25 the other day.


This super easy skirt takes like maybe 20 minutes.  Dana at Made has a great video for pencil skirts and it’s probably the easiest knit project someone can start with!  If you look closely you can see that I didn’t even hem this one.  I was feeling particularly lazy that day but I did go back and hem it later to avoid the little bit of rolling it did.  I even have another yard or so of this fabric and I can’t wait to use the rest!!

Grand total for this outfit was about $16 (not counting my TJ Maxx shoes and Target wallet…nothing but high fashion here, people) and took me less than two hours.  I LOVE that!!!

On a parting note, I’m just days away from releasing my second PDF sewing pattern!  It’s another one for kids but then I get to start on a women’s pattern for The Sew What Club!  This club is the coolest idea for buying new patterns and you can read all the details HERE. I’m ridiculously excited to be a part of that!  Like, riDICulously.

Stay tuned!



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